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Precision Surveys Expands Footprint with New Branch Opening in Goa

Precision Surveys, a leading provider of land surveying services, Mr. Ajay Venkat M.D. of Precision Surveys pleased to announce the opening of its new branch office in Goa. This expansion comes on the heels of the companys successful establishment in Hyderabad last year, marking another milestone in its strategic growth plan.

Land Surveyor

Founded in Bangalore, Precision Surveys has garnered a reputation for delivering accurate and reliable land surveying solutions across various sectors including real estate development, infrastructure projects, and urban planning. The decision to expand to Goa reflects the companys commitment and to become the best land surveyor in Goa, to meeting the increasing demand for professional surveying services in new geographic markets.

With the opening of our new branch in Goa, we aim to bring our expertise to become the best in Goa surveyor services, ” said Mr. Ajay Venkat, M.D. of Precision Surveys.We have witnessed significant growth and success in Hyderabad, and we are excited to replicate this achievement in Goa.”

The companys team of experienced surveyors utilizes advanced technology and industry-best practices to ensure precision and efficiency in every project undertaken.

Precision Surveys offers a comprehensive range of land surveying services, including:

Topographical Survey

DGPS Survey

Photogrammetric Survey

Lidar Survey

Windfarm Survey

Quantity Surveying

Aerodrome Obstacle Survey

Cadastral Mapping

Due Diligence Survey Audits

Property Valuation Services

Marking / Staking Out Works

As-Built Plans / Measured Drawings

Geotechnical Investigation

Primary Flood Risk Assessment

We look forward to contributing to Goas development by providing high-quality surveying solutions that support sustainable growth and development.

About Precision Surveys

Precision Surveys is a leading land surveying company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Established with a commitment to accuracy and reliability, the company offers a comprehensive range of surveying services to clients across various sectors. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, Precision Surveys continues to expand its presence to meet the growing demand for professional surveying solutions.

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