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Ahluwalia Contracts Awarded Contract for Darbhanga Airport’s Civil Terminal

After a prolonged wait, the tender process for the permanent civil terminal of Darbhanga Airport has concluded, with the renowned infrastructure firm Ahluwalia Contracts securing the construction contract for this project valued at Rs 572 crore. The layout for the new terminal has been prepared, and anticipation is high for the commencement of the Rs 572 crore project, which is slated to be completed within two years, aiming for completion before 2027.

There are discussions about laying the foundation stone for the new terminal, covering a total area of 66,600 square meters. It is speculated that the foundation stone may be laid by the Prime Minister, possibly in the first week of the upcoming month. The Darbhanga Airport’s main terminal will be constructed in two phases, with a full capacity of 42.5 lakh passengers annually and provisions for simultaneous movement of 2000-500 passengers during peak seasons.

The new terminal will be strategically located south of the airport, connected to the North-East Corridor (NH-57). Additionally, an Instrument Landing System (ILS) will be installed on an additional 24 acres of land provided by the state government to expand the runway, facilitating night-time takeoffs and landings.

While the development of the airport has been a longstanding demand and the state government has allocated approximately 80 acres of land for the new terminal, concerns have been raised regarding the terminal’s capacity. Critics argue that the estimated capacity of 42.5 lakh passengers is insufficient for a busy airport like Darbhanga, leading to discontent among the local population.

Comparisons with other airports, particularly Patna, reveal discrepancies in capacity despite Darbhanga having acquired more land for the proposed terminal. The concern is that the terminal’s capacity may fall short of meeting the region’s growing needs, especially over the next 30 years. Critics argue that the capacity should be more in line with other comparable airports to adequately serve the community.

Ahluwalia Contracts, having recently won tenders for other airport projects, including Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport and Varanasi, will now oversee the construction of Darbhanga Airport’s state-of-the-art terminal, aiming to provide modern facilities and enhance air travel in the region.

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