Thursday, July 25, 2024

AirBrick Infra launches an AI driven Design Library for Office Designs

AirBrick Infra, a tech-enabled commercial design & build organization specializing in creating innovative and functional design solutions that transform commercial spaces announced the launch of its powerful and innovative tool – Design Library, a testament to the transformative power of technology and a game-changer in the industry.

The Design Library harnesses the power of AI and data analytics to simplify and solve complex design iterations and accelerates the decision-making process. By providing designers with a curated selection of design elements, the Design Library accelerates and enhances the design selection process, reduces iterations, delivers results faster, speeds up decision-making process, ensures precision and execution – all at the click of a button. This enables them to offer more efficient and effective solutions to their clients and to empower them with choices, speed, and precision like never before. By seamlessly integrating technology throughout their operations, they streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and offered clients a unique, tech-driven experience.

Sanjeev Bhandari, CEO & Founder, AirBrick Infra said, “Our vision is to remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry and poised to lead the way in transforming spaces and exceeding client expectations. Technology is the roadmap to our future, and we are excited to lead the way and we will continue to refine and expand our tech-driven solutions. The Design Library is just the beginning.”

Ashish Kalra, COO, AirBrick Infra shares, “We see technology driving sustainability, personalization, and efficiency in design and build. Our innovative approach, driven by technology is setting new standards in the commercial interior design and build industry.”

AirBrick’s unwavering commitment to putting the customer first played a pivotal role in their success. In just four months, they achieved remarkable sales & revenue figures, a testament to their ability to understand and fulfil the needs of clients like Ind Money, Cooffiz, Geodis International to name a few. Their approach is not just about meeting expectations; it is about exceeding them, consistently delivering on their promises and before time thereby building long-lasting relationships.

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