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Another Tower in Chintels Paradiso Deemed “Unsafe for Habitation” in Gurugram

A recent structural audit report submitted to the Gurgaon administration has declared one more tower in the Chintels Paradiso housing complex in Gurugram as “unsafe for habitation.” Tower J, part of the complex where a sixth-floor apartment in Tower D collapsed in February 2022, has been assessed by a panel from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

The IIT Delhi report, shared with residents on January 19, states that the structure of Tower J is “not safe for habitation” and must be evacuated immediately. Due to high chloride content in the concrete throughout the structure, repair and rehabilitation are deemed unfeasible, leading to the recommendation for the permanent closure of Tower J.

With 52 flats and approximately 48 families currently residing in Tower J, this marks the sixth tower declared “unsafe to live” by the IIT Delhi structural audit report. Previous declarations were made for Towers D, E, F, G, and H. Tower H was declared unsafe in October 2023, and Tower G was labeled “unsafe for habitation” on June 2, 2023. The housing complex comprises a total of nine towers.

The audit report highlights concerns about construction and quality monitoring by the developer, Chintels India Private Limited, suggesting deviations from quality parameters. The widespread presence of chlorides in the structure, coupled with insufficient exposure to chloride in the air, indicates that chlorides were present in the concrete during production, according to the report.

While Towers B and C are currently deemed safe, the report suggests potential deterioration in these towers as well. Rakesh Hooda, president of the Residents Welfare Association of Chintels Paradiso Society, expressed concern over the safety status of Tower J and called for a reevaluation of property values, considering the market’s significant appreciation since the previous valuation. There was no immediate response from Chintels India Private Limited at the time of this report.

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