Wednesday, July 24, 2024

ArcelorMittal Partners with IIT-Madras for Asia’s First Hyperloop Testing Facility

ArcelorMittal has forged a collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras to establish the inaugural Hyperloop testing facility in Asia, set to become operational by March this year. The joint venture, AM/NS India, involving ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel, will contribute 400 tonnes of steel for constructing a 400-meter vacuum tube. This tube will be instrumental in testing levitating pods, reaching speeds of up to 200 kilometers/hour at the Chennai-based facility. Additionally, ArcelorMittal’s Indian design and engineering division will deploy engineers to oversee the project and offer expertise.

“IIT Madras is leading the way in deep-tech development in India, and TuTr Hyperloop’s technology showcases great potential for pioneering the Hyperloop, an industry where steel plays a crucial role,” commented Pinakin Chaubal, the Chief Technology Officer at ArcelorMittal. At IIT Madras, both Avishkar Hyperloop, a student team, and TuTr Hyperloop, a campus-incubated startup, are actively working on cost-effective Hyperloop technologies.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to advance and commercialize Hyperloop technologies, aiming for high-speed, affordable, reliable, and sustainable transportation. The Ministry of Railways is also involved as a partner in this initiative, as mentioned in the official statement.

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