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Arthshila Launches Exclusive Book Series on Modern South Asia Architecture

Arthshila, an initiative of the Takshila Education Society, launched an exclusive set of books on Modern South Indian Architecture, featuring a collection of photography-based books highlighting modern architecture in the region. The event took place at the India International Centre Annexe (IIC), Delhi. The launch event featured a panel discussion with illustrious speakers including Raj Rewal, Ruturaj Parikh, Anshika V, and Randhir Singh, who delved into the importance of modern architecture in South Asia, the significance of the series, and provided insights into upcoming publications.

Book from the series Modern South Asia Architecture

This series embarks on a visual and scholarly exploration of significant architectural works in the region, with each book dedicated to a single project or building to allow for an in-depth examination of it through photographs, critical essays, and architectural drawings. With three titles already published and nine more anticipated, the MSA series aims to create an easily accessible visual archive of modern architecture. Priced at Rs. 2000.00 per volume, the books are available at leading bookstores and online retailers.

Raj Rewal, Randhir Singh, Ruturaj Parikh, and Anshika V launching the book series

Architecture has had a profound impact on our culture and history and through the MSA series, we are not only celebrating these buildings and spaces, but we’re paying tribute to the visionary architects who dreamed them into existence. Through the lens of the MSA, we explore the stories of innovation, resilience, and beauty that define the spirit of South Asian architecture,” says Sanjiv Kumar, Founder of Arthshila.

In addition to the MSA series, Arthshila Publication serves as a conduit for artistic exploration and dissemination. Its recent introduction, “108 Portraits of Indian Culture and Heritage” by Alka Pandey, comprises 14 meticulously crafted titles that provide an insightful journey into Indias rich traditional knowledge. These books delve into various facets such as Indian Traditional Art and Photography, offering a profound exploration of each domain through the lens of arts and aesthetics. Moreover, Arthshila Publication proudly presents ARTHART, a biannual Indian arts journal that serves as a platform for showcasing creative expression and ideas across diverse art forms.

Furthermore, Arthshila Publication pays homage to the profound legacies of artists like Somnath Hore through works such as the commemorative book marking 100 years of the artist’s life and contributions. Curated by sculptor K.S. Radhakrishnan, this publication showcases over 1,100 artworks by Somnath Hore, celebrating his enduring impact on 20th-century art. Hores exploration of human suffering through printmaking and bronze sculpting is revered for its unwavering consistency and emotional depth.

“Spaces in Time: A Life in Architecture” is yet another remarkable publication by Arthshila, offering a captivating chronicle of an architect’s seven-decade journey through the structures he designed, constructed, and inhabited. This book intricately captures the architects experiences against the backdrop of post-Independence India, shedding light on the significant events that have shaped both the nation and the individual, alongside the influential figures who have influenced his path.

About Arthshila

Arthshila is an immersive platform for creating and sharing ideas centred around the arts. The multi-art spaces are designed to facilitate artistic expressions and curate creative experiences.

An initiative of Takshila Educational Society, Arthshila is Indias first arts centre with a focus on architecture, cinema, design, literature, performing arts & visual arts across five locations, namely – Ahmedabad, Santiniketan, Patna, New Delhi & Goa – each unique in its undertaking of the arts.

The Arthshila centres present a range of diverse curated performances, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and interactions that seek to inspire curious minds.

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