Monday, July 22, 2024

Bihta Airport: Groundbreaking Expansion Surpasses Patna, Construction Set to Soar in February

The forthcoming expansion of Bihta Airport is poised to outscale that of its Patna counterpart, with the eagerly anticipated construction phase set to kick off in the upcoming month of February. The pivotal financial green light for the ambitious Bihta Airport project was bestowed back in July, subsequently followed by the much-awaited administrative approval. At present, the wheels are in motion for the initiation of the tendering process, with a tentative release date earmarked for the initial week of the following month. It is envisaged that the tender will be unfurled in the early days of February, with the allocation process likely to transpire by mid-February, heralding the commencement of the construction juggernaut by the month’s end.

The inaugural phase of this monumental endeavor entails the allocation of a sprawling 126 acres of land by the state government for the purpose of erecting a civil enclave at Bihta Airport. Out of this expanse, a generous 108 acres has been designated for the construction of the terminal edifice, while an additional 18 acres has been earmarked for the State Hangar. A supplementary requisition for an extra eight acres of land materialized to accommodate the construction of the terminal building, as the initial 108 acres proved inadequate for the envisioned parking facility for air passengers. Encouragingly, the state government has successfully concluded the acquisition process for this supplementary land parcel, and only the issuance of its official notification remains pending. The handover of this additional land to the Airport Authority is anticipated by the month’s denouement.

A substantial four-kilometer-long boundary wall, an infrastructural marvel costing a considerable Rs 7 crore, has encircled the 108 acres allocated by the state government. The architectural vision for the terminal at Bihta Airport, now emboldened by a bolstered budget of Rs 1453 crore, is poised to manifest as a one-story structure initially, but with the flexibility for expansion to two stories, boasting a commendable capacity of 25 lakh passengers annually. The construction blueprint also encompasses the establishment of 10 parking bays, five aerobridges, and three conveyor belts. A mammoth multi-storey parking facility, accommodating up to a thousand vehicles, is slated for erection on the sprawling grounds.

Originally slated for completion in December 2021, the ambitious Bihta Airport project is now expected to break ground in February 2024, with the ambitious denouement scheduled for February 2027. In a strategic move to facilitate seamless accessibility to Bihta Airport, the ongoing construction of the Danapur Bihta elevated road is progressing apace, with an anticipated completion date set for June 2025. Despite teething delays attributed to land acquisition hurdles, the elevated road project is expected to be operational ahead of the finalization of the airport’s construction in 2027.

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