Thursday, July 25, 2024

Calcutta High Court Mandates Demolition of 14 Illegal Structures in Narkeldanga

In a significant ruling, the Calcutta High Court has instructed the demolition of 14 unlawful buildings within the forthcoming seven weeks, situated along Canal East Road within Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s Ward 29. This decision follows a report submitted by three engineers, affirming that the construction plans for these 14 edifices lacked proper sanctioning.

A source within the KMC buildings department revealed that among the 14 structures marked for demolition, two were sturdy, permanent concrete buildings, while the remaining were categorized as huts. During the hearing of a petition, Justice Amrita Sinha directed the civic body to conduct an on-site inspection.

Earlier, the civic body had expressed concerns over the lack of cooperation from law enforcement in dismantling illegal structures in the Narkeldanga police station vicinity. In response to these claims, Justice Sinha summoned the officer-in-charge of the respective police station to appear before the court.

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