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Chokhi Dhani concept in Shri Shyam Township, Khatu Shyam, home buyers to get complete enjoyment, know more about that township

A large number of home buyers from Delhi NCR have moved to this township.

Leading real estate developer, Womeki Group, inspired by the cultural richness of Rajasthan’s famous Chokhi Dhani concept, is implementing the same concept at Shri Shyam Township, which is a unique initiative by any real estate developer in the country. This township, 9 KMs from Khatu Shyam Mandir promises to redefine community living by combining traditional charm with modern amenities.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant heritage of Rajasthan, Shri Shyam Township captures the essence of Chokhi Dhani, which will provide residents an immersive experience of the cultural ethos of the state. From the intricacies of the architecture to the beauty of the cuisine, every aspect of Shri Shyam Township resonates with the spirit of Rajasthan.

Chokhi Dhani is a model of a village built in 1989 in the middle of Jaipur city, which is spread over 10 acres. Here you can see folk dances of different areas of Rajasthan, which include Kalbeliya dance, puppet game, marble game, young men and women dancing to the songs of Ila Arun are also seen here. And now all this fun will be available to you soon in Shri Shyam Township being developed by Womeki Group which is also known as ‘Khatu Gaon’.

If we talk about Khatu Shyam Temple, about 10-15 lakh people visit it every month and in such a situation, all the visitors will also get a chance to come face to face with this Rajasthani culture.

Shri Shyam township was launched by Womeki Group last year in April 2023 and the entire plot in this township spread over 60 acres has been sold. There are plots of 100-meter, 200 meter and 1000 meter. There is total 700 plots in this. If we talk about home buyers, most of the buyers are from Delhi NCR. And if we talk about property growth, from the beginning till now, the property rates have increased four times as compared to earlier.

This concept is going to have a different attraction among the home buyers where they will get a glimpse of the culture of Rajasthan within a township.

Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav K Singh, Founder and Chairman, Womeki Group, said, “We are excited to introduce the Chokhi Dhani concept at Shri Shyam Township, which is a testament to our commitment towards innovation and cultural preservation. The concept of this project In, our aim was to create more than just a residential development, we envisioned a living masterpiece that celebrates the rich tapestry of Rajasthan’s traditions. With this initiative we aim to enable our home buyers to enjoy the culture of Rajasthan.”

He further added, “Total project duration is 2 years, we started 10 months back and have already sold more than 50 per cent of total plots available. We are planning to start this township by May 2025. This is a plotted development. We are hoping to give around 400 per cent of client appreciation once the entire project is completed.”

At Shri Shyam Township, residents will embark on a journey through the cultural landscape of Rajasthan, with carefully designed amenities and recreational facilities. The township will have intricately designed residences, adorned with Rajasthani motifs and architecture, offering a harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary living.

Additionally, Shri Shyam Township will boast of a bustling market, reminiscent of the vibrant markets of Rajasthan, where residents can enjoy authentic handicrafts, culinary delights and cultural performances. Additionally, the township will provide recreational amenities such as beautiful gardens, community centers and sports facilities, thereby promoting a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the residents.

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