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Countdown Begins for Patna Metro’s Debut in 2027

The much-anticipated Patna Metro project in Bihar is rapidly progressing, with the first metro train expected to be operational by January 2027. This development is eagerly awaited by the people of Bihar, who have been dreaming of efficient metro connectivity. The initial corridor, known as Corridor-2, is poised to be completed first, offering a significant leap towards enhanced transportation infrastructure.

The inaugural metro train is set to traverse from New ISBT in Bairia through Corridor-2, connecting to Patna Junction via the iconic Gandhi Maidan. The completion of Corridor-2 is currently a top priority, and the elevated section comprising five stations from New ISBT to Malahi Pakri is a crucial part of this phase.

Patna Metro grader
Patna Metro

The construction activities involve the excavation of an approximately one-and-a-half-kilometer-long double tunnel, stretching from Moinulhaq Stadium to Patna University. This ambitious task is being executed with the assistance of two tunnel boring machines. As of now, one tunnel has reached a commendable length of 1100 meters, while the second tunnel has been successfully dug to a depth of 750 meters.

The meticulous planning and swift execution of the Patna Metro project signify a significant step towards modernizing Bihar’s transportation infrastructure. With the expected completion date just three years away, the residents of Bihar can look forward to experiencing the convenience and efficiency of metro travel in their region. The realization of this dream is imminent, marking a crucial milestone in the development of Bihar’s public transportation system.

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