Sunday, July 14, 2024

Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi Announces Significant Property Tax Exemption for Rural Residential Areas

On Saturday, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi announced a significant development regarding house or property tax exemptions for residential areas falling within the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s (MCD) rural jurisdiction. Emphasizing this decision at a press conference, Oberoi declared that the MCD would no longer impose house tax on properties within the ‘lal dora’ or extended ‘lal dora’ areas in rural regions.

She clarified, “Residential areas, whether falling under ‘lal dora’ or extended ‘lal dora’ in all our villages, will be exempt from property tax. This relief, extended by CM Arvind Kejriwal, is a significant benefit for the residents of Delhi in rural areas.”

Oberoi highlighted that while this exemption applies to residential properties, the tax structure for commercial properties in rural areas would remain unchanged. Specifically, commercial properties situated along 2,168 roads in Delhi’s rural areas, as notified by the MCD, will continue to be subject to property tax.

The decision stems from discussions held during a panchayat meeting on September 3, where representatives from Delhi’s 360 villages deliberated on the issue of property tax levies in rural areas. This move is anticipated to bring relief to the residents of rural Delhi, reflecting a responsive approach to community concerns.

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