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Dwarka Expressway Cloverleaf Completion: A Game Changer for the Future of Gurugram

The city of Gurugram, is on the cusp of a transportation revolution as the highly anticipated Dwarka Expressway and its impressive cloverleaf interchange is near completion. This monumental project promises to bring a plethora of benefits and opportunities, not just to Gurugram as a whole but especially to the burgeoning district of New Gurugram. The Dwarka Expressway, stretching over 29 kilometres, is a lifeline for the region’s growing urban landscape. It is being constructed in four phases, with phases 1 & 2 covering areas in Delhi, and phases 3 & 4 covering approximately 18 kilometres within Gurugram. The completion of this expressway holds the potential to transform the city’s infrastructure and significantly enhance connectivity between the two sides of the city.

This ambitious cloverleaf starts from the Basai railway overbridge and culminates near Kherki Daula, ensuring a smooth junction between the three vital roadways. Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri. Nitin Gadkari visited the Dwarka Expressway last week, and is expected to green light the Cloverleaf Junction for public commute by the end of this month. As the people of Delhi-NCR eagerly await the inauguration by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), the game-changing interchange is all set to bring logistical interconnectivity and economic prosperity to the region.

Adding his keen observations, Mr. Navdeep Sardana, CMD, Whiteland Corporation said, The completion of the cloverleaf junction on Dwarka Expressway with Delhi-Gurugram Expressway (NH-48), and the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) near Kherki Daula will ensure seamless connectivity to commuters across all three roads. This enhanced connectivity not only streamlines the daily commute but also positions Gurugram as a preferred destination for businesses seeking a strategic location. The burgeoning ecosystem of New Gurugram along Southern Peripheral Road is poised to benefit immensely, offering a conducive environment for growth, innovation and opening up a world of opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike“.

Commuters will soon have the convenience of using a combination of ramps and loops within this four-way junction to access – Dwarka Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road, and NH-48.

“Infrastructure advancements have played a pivotal role in fostering the remarkable expansion of Gurugram’s real estate sector, catapulting it to unprecedented levels and cementing its status as a flourishing investment hub. The successful realization of the Dwarka Expressway Haryana segment, the establishment of cloverleaf junctions and world-class highways, along with the deployment of cutting-edge infrastructure, serve a dual purpose: not only do they bolster intra-city connectivity, but they also beckon both domestic and international investors. These transformative developments have set in motion a ripple effect, where enhanced infrastructure stokes the demand for both residential and commercial properties, subsequently propelling the overall growth and prosperity of Gurugram’s real estate sector.”- Santosh Agarwal, Executive Director & CFO, Alphacorp 

“The imminent completion of the Dwarka Expressway Cloverleaf marks a pivotal moment for Gurgaon and New Gurugram. This transformative infrastructure not only enhances connectivity but also unlocks a world of opportunities for businesses and residents alike. As we move forward, we envision a New Gurugram that thrives on improved accessibility, attracting investments and fostering a vibrant, sustainable community”.- Vinay Wadhwa, General Manager – Sales, Vatika Limited

“Definitely a great infra boost for Gurugram . This is long eagerly awaited expressway which would greatly improve connectivity between Delhi and Gurugram. In fact , lot of stuck projects along the expressway will see revival and it will be a big boost to Gurugram realty.”- Venket Rao, Founder, INTYGRAT and RERA Expert

 The completion of this Cloverleaf interchange marks a significant leap forward in terms of connectivity and mobility options for residents and businesses in Gurugram. The opening of the Cloverleaf will greatly ease commuting on both sides of NH-48, particularly for those living in sectors 81 to 95. This will also help alleviate the heavy traffic congestion on the service lane of NH-48, which connects Cloverleaf with the highway. As the city eagerly awaits the official opening of the Dwarka Expressway Cloverleaf, the potential it holds for Gurugram, and especially New Gurugram, cannot be understated. This infrastructure marvel is set to reshape the way people and goods move in the region, reduce travel time, ease congestion, and spur economic growth. It is a testament to India’s commitment to modernize infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

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