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Elevate and protect your home with a fresh coat of Paints

October signals the onset of the festive season and that time of the year when we reset our homes just in time to ring in the autumnal indulgence. Calendars across communities are blocked with celebrations from the Navratris all the way to the New Year. The festivities coincide with milder temperatures and allow for a revamp of homes and workplaces before the harsh winters, and in time for celebrations.

Mr Saurabh Agarwal Managing Director Kamdhenu Paints
Saurabh Agarwal, Managing Director, Kamdhenu Paints

As we speak, many homes may be receiving an annual deep clean for the upcoming season. This month also offers a window for repairs following the wear and tear endured by buildings during the sultry summers and monsoons of India.

With purse strings loosened for the festivities, it is wise to invest the cash in weather-proofing homes for the next seasonal onslaught. Tropical climate is not gentle on the walls that protect us from the elements. They need occasional maintenance if you use the best quality of emulsion products available in the market. If you skimp on quality products, the damage will be faster and deeper, causing you to frequently spend on upkeep.

The smartest way to shield your home exteriors is by picking premium but affordable products that have a long life. Emulsion paints are the go-to choice for both exterior and interior walls as they are durable and easy-to-use. They contain four main ingredients – pigment, emulsion, additives, and water. Emulsions are graded by the proportion of pigment and solids (or binders) used and the more advanced ones have better quality binders and in higher volume. Good emulsions paint will also have better quality pigments, pure and elastomeric emulsion with some special additives.

Exterior emulsions are like the skin on our bodies, they are the first barrier to external agents. The walls get over-abundant exposure to the sun, and hence to UV rays, which weaken building material over time. Paints are the most vulnerable to UV induced damage as they chip and fade progressively. Weather-resistant paints usually contain better quality resin that are made up of polymers that can withstand greater exposure to UV rays before deteriorating. Considering the hot, dry and humid conditions in India, the most competitive products shield exteriors from the assault of the elements.

Besides the weather resistance features, exterior emulsions also provide added benefits like defending against microbial and fungal growth. Microbe-infected walls not only look shabby but they are also signs of impending health dangers to those who live within. In some cases, damp and mould on walls can make people sick. Allergens and irritants in moulds can cause reactions like a runny nose or sneezing or rashes. Mould spores when inhaled could also trigger an asthma attack. Homeowners have become sensitive to the need of germ-free spaces post pandemic and increasingly opt for substances that insure their homes and families.  

Interior emulsions too offer advanced features that elevate spaces and keep them toxin-free and stain-proof. Top grade paints are washable and leave a silky-smooth finish or a matt effect depending on user preference. Several are also of the low-VOC and lead-free category that help your family and pets breathe in a safe environment. VOC or volatile organic compounds help transfer the paint from can to walls but they evaporate over time and release harmful gases in the air. Low VOC paints do not discharge as much harmful chemicals during the off-gassing process.

With technological upgrades, paints are becoming an agent that actively shield homes from the outside-in.

The advent of the new and auspicious requires a spotless welcome. The start of the Hindu new year with Diwali persuades us to make investments that maximise returns. Paints that coat homes with enduring protection are a purchase that once made, ensure long-term benefits.

The article was written by Saurabh Agarwal, Managing Director, Kamdhenu Paints.

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