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Festive Season Sets Real Estate Market on an Upward Trajectory

The real estate market is gearing up for a remarkable resurgence in the upcoming festive season, reclaiming its coveted leadership position in the industry. Recent findings from a comprehensive survey conducted by R&R reveal that prospective buyers are brimming with enthusiasm for residential real estate investments during this auspicious period. Following robust growth in the initial quarters of the year, the real estate sector is set to soar to unprecedented heights as buyers eagerly anticipate making festive investments, particularly in the mid-segment and luxury housing categories.

There is tremendous enthusiasm in the real estate market. This trend will take an even steeper trajectory this festive season. Our projects are getting massive traction from buyers as well as investors. Both residential and commercial segments have been the choice of buyers for quite some time. We foresee a huge rush in the upcoming festive season. As Delhi-NCR continues to be among the top-performing realty hubs in the country, we are excited to offer vital investment options to our customers during this auspicious period,” said Mr. Yash Miglani, MD, Migsun Group.

Noida has long been a hub of innovation and modern living. We are thrilled to see the renewed enthusiasm among buyers during this festive season. Our projects in Noida are designed to cater to the evolving aspirations of urban dwellers, and we are committed to playing a pivotal role in the real estate growth of the region. The upcoming festive season is definitely going to be promising for the sector,” said Mr. Shailender Sharma, CMD, Renowned Group.

With its ever-expanding infrastructure and development, NCR reigns supreme as the most sought-after destination in the nation. The survey conducted on potential real estate buyers in Delhi-NCR showcases a promising picture of the sectors imminent growth. Buyer sentiments strongly indicate a prosperous period for the residential real estate segment, with several regions of NCR leading the charge as the preferred hotspot, especially Delhi and Noida. As the nation gets ready for robust economic growth, a significant number of buyers are expressing their eagerness to embark on their home-buying journey during this festive season, attaching immense auspicious value to such investments.

Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Director, SKA Group, said, “Noidas real estate market has shown remarkable resilience, and we are delighted to be a part of its revival. As we prepare to unveil new projects and expand our footprint in the region, we are confident that the upcoming festive season will witness a surge in homebuyers seeking modern and sustainable living solutions. Homeowners have been showing an incline towards upgrading their residential spaces, benefitting the sector. The region is promising for first-time buyers as well.

Noidas real estate market holds immense potential, and the festive season presents a golden opportunity for buyers to invest in their dream homes. We are dedicated to delivering projects that combine contemporary design with eco-friendly living, and we look forward to contributing to Noidas real estate growth story. The region has become the first choice for homebuyers for multiple reasons, elevating the investment in the real estate sector,” said Mr. Salil Kumar, Director, CRC Group.

Mr. Ashwinder R Singh, CEO residential, Bhartiya Urban, said, “While Bengaluru has been known for its tech prowess, its also emerging as a destination for premium real estate. As the festive season approaches, we are excited about the growing interest from homebuyers in Bengaluru. We aim to deliver homes that offer a blend of sophistication and sustainability, aligning with the citys dynamic spirit. Our customers have showcased their valuable trust in us for years and we’re glad to contribute to their lifestyle and the region’s real estate growth.”

Numerous residential property owners are looking forward to upgrading to larger and more luxurious properties, with a keen focus on the mid-segment and luxury categories. The survey also highlights the emergence of a discerning class of real estate buyers who view home purchases as an integral part of their festive investment portfolio. Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida are set to witness a surge in homebuyers, and the mid-segment and luxury housing categories are expected to take centre stage. Leading developers are gearing up to play pivotal roles in shaping the future of residential real estate across these regions. As the festive spirit envelops the nation, the real estate industry is prepared to shine brightly, offering homebuyers a chance to invest in their dreams.

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