Sunday, July 14, 2024

Goa Simplifies Processes: Single-Window Clearance for Industries

The Goa government recently announced a series of policy amendments aimed at streamlining processes for investors, particularly in the industrial sector. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, in a meeting with various industry bodies such as the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI), Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), and Goa State Industries Association (GSIA), disclosed the changes.

Among the key changes is the introduction of a single-window clearance system for land allotment and construction, aimed at attracting industries to the state. Commercial plots for industries will now be available through a simplified auction process. The government also plans to grant industry status to logistics warehouses and information technology (IT) companies. Additionally, there will be liberalization of transfer and sublease processes as part of the “ease of business exit” policy.

In a move to encourage entrepreneurship, the government will provide incentives to women entrepreneurs, intellectual property holders, and startups. Chief Minister Sawant emphasized that these amendments are designed to attract more investments, boost revenue, and create job opportunities in the industrial sector.

Furthermore, Sawant announced the organization of the Invest Goa 2024 Summit in Panaji on January 29 to showcase the state’s investment potential.

GCCI President Srinivas Dempo commended the Chief Minister for his visionary leadership in implementing unprecedented reforms. Dempo highlighted the collaborative approach taken to make these changes, involving participation from various stakeholders. He expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for allowing industries to contribute positively to shaping these reforms.

Dempo acknowledged certain challenges in Goa, such as restrictions on large industries due to the unique topography of the state. He emphasized the need for more investments, job creation, and revenue generation to address these challenges effectively.

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