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Gokhale Road Bridge Concreting Completed, Deadline Set for Final Touches

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has successfully completed the concreting work on the Gokhale Road bridge in Andheri, setting a new deadline of February 25 for the overall completion. The curing period for the concrete is three weeks, and the remaining tasks, including lighting, signage, and lane marking, are scheduled to be carried out simultaneously to meet the deadline of February 23.

However, residents have expressed concerns in a follow-up letter to the BMC regarding the condition of the newly built Teli Gali flyover, which remains unused, and the incomplete alignment work of the Barfiwala bridge. The letter highlights the delay in the arrival of the girder for the second phase, despite assurances from the BMC to open the entire bridge before the monsoon.

Approximately 12 days ago, the BMC had announced a new deadline, prompting residents to urge the establishment of a day-to-day timeline, expressing dissatisfaction with what they perceive as a lackadaisical approach by the BMC. The residents claim that the assembly and placement of the bridge, which could have been completed in two months, took six months.

meets deadline

The first girder of the crucial east-west connector was launched on December 2 and 3, shifted and lowered in subsequent phases. Concreting was completed on Monday after the placement of deck sheets on both sides. The Teli Gali approach end portion was also removed to match the slope of the Gokhale approach on the east side.

Amit Satam, local MLA, conveyed information from BMC officials that the curing period for concrete is three weeks. Post-curing, tasks such as mastic, lane marking, and load testing will be completed by February 23.

Concerns about the alignment of the Barfiwala flyover were raised by Dhaval Shah, founder of the Andheri Lokhandwala Oshiwara Citizens Association. The BMC is actively working on aligning the Gokhale bridge to the Barfiwala flyover on the west side of Andheri station. Residents also voiced objections to the condition of the unused Teli Gali bridge, citing cracks in the cement road surface and gravel protruding from the asphalt road surface on the flyover. Activist Zoru Bhathena highlighted the lack of progress in matching the level of Barfiwala lane on the west side approach road, which has been ready for over two years.

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