Monday, July 22, 2024

Government Allocates Rs 1313.28 Crores for Twin-Tube Uni-Directional Aizawl Bypass Tunnel

The Union Government has granted approval for a funding of Rs 1313.28 crore to facilitate the construction of a 2.5 km twin-tube uni-directional Aizawl bypass tunnel, along with a 2.1 km approach road on the Sairang – Phaibawk section of National Highway-6 in Mizoram.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari made the announcement, emphasizing that the project, falling under Package-2 in Aizawl District, is designed to alleviate congestion in Aizawl City along NH-6.

The primary objectives of the project include creating a bypass around densely populated areas, mitigating traffic congestion, and improving overall road safety within the city. Gadkari highlighted that the project’s ultimate aim is to ensure seamless traffic flow, circumventing obstacles associated with the city.

In addition to addressing congestion, the project seeks to reduce the distance between Sairang and Phaibawk by 22 kilometers, resulting in a significant 1.5-hour reduction in travel time for commuters.

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