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India to Globalize PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan for Streamlining Infrastructure Development

The Indian government is set to introduce the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (PMGS-NMP) on a global scale, offering an integrated digital tool for infrastructure planning to both developing and developed nations. Initially, the plan may be extended to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, facilitating cross-border infrastructure projects. A separate product will be tailored for international projects based on the framework developed for domestic initiatives.

Officials indicate that countries expressing interest in adopting the system may receive limited access to the PM Gati Shakti portal, allowing them to observe the entire project lifecycle—from conception to execution.

“We are already showcasing the Gati Shakti Master Plan to other countries. In the neighborhood, we had delegation-level visits to Nepal and also showcased the master plan to Bangladesh at the invitation of the government there. We have also showcased the tool to 30 countries in Central Asia and Southeast Asia,” revealed Sumita Dawra, DPIIT special secretary.

The tool has garnered attention at various international forums, including the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP) conference, the Asia Pacific Business Forum, and the recent G20 meeting in Delhi.

The PMGS-NMP, which digitizes land records of 13 states and four union territories, aims to reduce project implementation time and costs by providing stakeholders easy access to crucial data. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has instructed Niti Aayog to map various infrastructure projects in India, integrating them into the PM Gati Shakti Scheme for optimal resource utilization.

While the details of sharing the PM Gati Shakti tool internationally are yet to be finalized, the plan involves initially offering the tool to countries where India is already involved in project execution. This international service may encompass mapping data from other countries on the platform, allowing for project planning or providing limited access for other nations to utilize the tool independently.

The PMGS-NMP not only integrates economic and infrastructural planning but also incorporates socio-economic development. In tandem, the National Logistics Policy, launched on September 17, 2022, addresses soft infrastructure and the logistics sector. The establishment of Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya in Vadodara further underscores India’s commitment to developing top-tier talent for the transportation and logistics sectors.

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