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India’s Expansive National Highway Development Under Minister Gadkari’s Stewardship

As of the latest update on Thursday, Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road, Transport and Highways, provided insightful information to the Lok Sabha regarding the extensive development in India’s national highway infrastructure. Currently, an impressive 43,856 kilometers of national highways are actively under construction, representing a substantial investment amounting to over Rs 9,60,103 crore.

Reflecting the remarkable progress, the total length of national highways in the country has surged to about 1,46,145 km as of October 31. This marks a significant increase from the 91,287 km recorded as of March 31, 2014. The ongoing construction projects, numbering 1,609, are strategically distributed across various states and Union Territories, showcasing the nationwide scope of this infrastructural transformation.

To ensure the expeditious completion of these ambitious projects, the government has implemented a series of proactive measures. These include thorough preparation for land acquisition, efficient execution of pre-construction activities, and the streamlining of the land acquisition notification process. Furthermore, simplification of the approval procedure for General Arrangement Drawing (GAD) by Railways is a testament to the comprehensive approach taken by the authorities.

In addressing the issue of delays in national highway projects, Gadkari reported that, as of November 30, 2023, a total of 667 projects have exceeded their originally projected completion schedules without having achieved any of the various stages of project completion.

Beyond the construction phase, efforts are actively underway for the upgradation of highways in various regions of the country. Additionally, as part of the holistic development approach, wayside amenities have been established along these national highways. Notably, these amenities include Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facilities, aligning with the government’s commitment to sustainable and modern transportation infrastructure. This multifaceted endeavor underscores India’s dedication to comprehensive and forward-thinking advancements in its road and highway network.

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