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Infrastructure Overhaul Awaited in Ambattur, Chennai, Despite Positive Developments

Ambattur, a rapidly evolving locality in Chennai, has experienced substantial growth in recent years, becoming a sought-after residential and commercial hub. However, several long-standing demands from residents remain unmet, despite notable improvements in water supply, healthcare, stormwater drains, and roads. While a much-anticipated subway project near Ambattur railway station is underway to ease traffic congestion, residents highlight persistent issues requiring attention.

The Chennai-Tiruvallur High Road, a crucial arterial route defining the locality, has been awaiting expansion to a six-lane road for nearly two decades. Residents along this stretch emphasize the urgency of accelerating this project due to the rapid urbanization of the area. Daily traffic jams on this road and at the Ambattur telephone exchange junction, coupled with concerns about accidents and pollution, have prompted citizens to advocate for uninterrupted power supply through underground cables, enhanced bus connectivity, and the extension of the Metro Rail.

Various citizen groups, such as the United Welfare Associations, Ambattur, stress the need for addressing power outages, especially during rainy days, caused by overhead cable issues. Additionally, demands include the establishment of a government hospital in the locality, the rectification of property tax anomalies, and improved infrastructure in government schools. Commuters are also pushing for the widening of the flyover across the rail track near TI Cycles.

Ambattur, recognized as a rapidly growing industrial hub, faces an increasing demand for public transport connectivity. Residents have long called for the upgrade of the Ambattur Old Town bus stand as a terminus with additional bus services. Rejuvenation of major waterbodies in Ambattur and Korattur remains a challenge due to encroachments and sewage pollution.

In response to these concerns, Ambattur MLA Joseph Samuel highlights efforts made in the Assembly, including proposals for a government hospital and flood reduction initiatives. Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has initiated a scheme to modernize the Ambattur industrial estate bus terminus, and plans for the widening of Chennai-Tiruvallur High Road are set for 2024-25.

Various measures, such as converting overhead power lines into underground cables, improving power supply, and seeking alternate spaces for the Ambattur OT bus stand, are in progress. Stormwater drain projects, road works, and the establishment of health and wellness centers reflect the Greater Chennai Corporation’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure.

While property tax uniformity is under consideration, the Department of Water Resources is actively involved in restoration projects, including the regulator in the Korattur lake. Efforts are underway to cover streets with an underground drainage network, plug sewage outfalls, and rejuvenate lakes, addressing the comprehensive development needs of Ambattur.

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