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Intrigues of YEIDA’s Mixed-Land-Use Scheme Unfold

In the heart of Uttar Pradesh, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has unfurled a captivating tale with the introduction of a scheme offering eight mixed-land-use plots. This narrative unfolds with a promise to beckon industrial titans, commercial ventures, and data pioneers to script their stories in these strategic plots.

1. Setting the Scene:

  • Our stage is set in YEIDA Sector 24, nestled along the 165 km Yamuna Expressway, an arterial link connecting the vibrant realms of Greater Noida and the historical tapestry of Agra.
  • The backdrop is enriched by the proximity to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, where the hum of progress bypasses New Delhi, weaving through the landscapes of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Nearby, whispers circulate about the proposed film city and the imminent rise of the Noida international airport in Jewar.

2. Plot Dimensions, A Canvas Awaits:

  • The plots, akin to blank canvases, beckon visionaries with sizes ranging from 40,000 square metres (sqm) to expansive 91,000 sqm.
  • A canvas not confined to a single stroke, these plots invite a diverse palette of purposes, from fostering industries to providing space for commercial ventures and the sanctuaries of data centers.

3. Priced Chapters:

  • As the story progresses, the plot rates reveal themselves, crafting a narrative where each plot is a distinct chapter.
  • The rates dance between Rs 16,642.9 per sqm to Rs 17,600 per sqm, each plot echoing its own tale of value.
  • The saga of pricing unfolds across the spectrum, from plots adorned with a price tag of Rs 67.20 crore to those commanding a princely sum of Rs 151.81 crore, a reflection of size and location.

4. Allotment Chronicles:

  • The narrative takes an intriguing turn as the spotlight shifts to the allotment process.
  • Companies, akin to characters, come forward, seeking their role in this evolving drama. Interviews unfold, where profiles, financial health, and past experiences become the chapters evaluated.
  • Points, like plot twists, are assigned, with the allure of a Fortune 500 company receiving a different score than a midcap firm.
  • Allotments, the climax of this act, hinge on the cumulative score, each entity securing its place in the unfolding tale.

5. Payment Symphony:

  • As the story reaches its crescendo, the rhythm of payments emerges.
  • Successful applicants are tasked with an initial payment of 30 percent, a pivotal moment within 60 days of the allotment letter.
  • The subsequent chapters unfold in 10 equal half-yearly instalments, each echoing the commitment of the characters involved.
  • A subplot of interest, set at 10 percent, adds depth to the financial narrative.

6. The Application Odyssey:

  • To partake in this saga, interested parties embark on an application odyssey.
  • The journey begins with the download of application forms and brochures from the YEIDA portal, the gateway to this narrative.
  • The plot thickens as applications find their way to the Nivesh Mitra website, a digital crossroads where destinies are shaped.
  • A symbolic toll of Rs 25,000, a non-refundable offering, completes the initiation, seamlessly merging with the coffers of YEIDA through RTGS/NEFT.

As the curtain rises on this mixed-land-use spectacle, the YEIDA stage is set, inviting protagonists from the industrial, commercial, and data realms to inscribe their tales on this canvas of opportunity. The echoes of progress resonate, and the allure of these plots casts a spell, inviting participants to be the authors of their destiny in this evolving story of growth and development.

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