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Jiribam-Imphal Project: Pioneering the World’s Tallest Pier Bridge in Manipur

The Jiribam-Imphal project in Manipur is nearing a historic milestone with the completion of the Noney Bridge, which stands as a testament to engineering marvel. This railway pier bridge, set to become the world’s tallest at 141 meters, is reaching the final stages of construction, with an impressive 80% of the work already accomplished. Surpassing the current record held by Montenegro’s Mala-Rijeka viaduct, the Noney Bridge spans 703 meters across the Ijai river near Noney.

What makes this project particularly noteworthy is the innovative use of hydraulic augers in constructing the bridge’s tall piers. These specially designed piers, essential for achieving the remarkable height, are being built with the ‘slip-form technique,’ ensuring a seamless and efficient construction process.

Jiribam Imphal Project
Jiribam-Imphal rail link

The Jiribam-Imphal rail link, covering a distance of 111 kilometers, originates from the existing Jiribam station of the North East Frontier Railway in Manipur. Its purpose is to connect Imphal, the capital of the state, with the broader national rail network. Once operational, this rail link is expected to significantly reduce travel time between the two destinations to under two and a half hours, revolutionizing connectivity compared to the current 10-hour, 220 km road journey.

The initiation of this ambitious rail project dates back to 2008 when it was declared a ‘National Project’ due to its strategic importance. The actual construction commenced in 2013, and as of now, an impressive 93.30% physical progress has been achieved, with the project slated for completion by March 2025.

This rail link holds paramount importance for Imphal, where nearly 70% of Manipur’s population resides. Negotiating challenging terrains, the railway is poised to become a new lifeline for Imphal, diversifying its transportation infrastructure and reducing dependence on the existing road network for essential supplies. As part of the broader vision, connecting all North Eastern state capitals by rail to the national network, the Jiribam-Imphal project stands as a pivotal step in enhancing regional connectivity and economic development.

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