Sunday, July 21, 2024

Kanpur Development Authority Initiates Land Acquisition for ‘New Kanpur City’ Project

On Saturday, the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) took a significant step forward in its flagship project, ‘New Kanpur City,’ by commencing the acquisition of land from tenant farmers. In this initial phase, six tenant farmers willingly sold their land, with the KDA compensating them at four times the circle rates.

The first land registry was completed by Ketaki Kushwaha, a private tenant farmer, in favor of KDA. In acknowledgment, Vishak G Iyer, Vice Chairman of KDA, presented her with a draft of the sale consideration and a box of sweets. Subsequently, five more private tenant farmers executed the registry, officially transferring their land to the KDA.

The ‘New Kanpur City’ project, initiated by the Kanpur Development Authority nearly 27 years ago, faced delays for various reasons. However, with dedicated efforts from the Vice President, the scheme is now being actively pursued, marked by the acquisition of land.

The proposed ‘New Kanpur City’ spans an area of 153.21 hectares, encompassing villages Singhpur Kachar, Sambharpur, Gangpur Chakbada, and Hindupur, situated between Mainawati Marg and Kalyanpur-Bithoor Road. The scheme outlines approximately 1350 residential plots ranging from 90 to 450 square meters, along with around 222 commercial plots. Additionally, the project will offer commercial plots, group housing, malls, and institutional plots.

The Vice Chairman expressed optimism that the implementation of the ‘New Kanpur City’ Plan would prove beneficial for the general public and businesses in Kanpur.

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