Monday, July 22, 2024

KMV Projects Emerges as Lowest Bidder for Belagavi Airport’s New Terminal

KMV Projects has secured the position of the lowest bidder for the civil construction work of a new terminal building at Belagavi Airport. The current domestic terminal, managed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), spans 3,600 sq.m and can accommodate up to 300 passengers during peak hours. Its apron has the capacity to handle 6 narrow-body aircraft, including the B737 and A320.

The forthcoming terminal, designed with 4 aerobridges, is poised to significantly enhance the airport’s handling capacity, enabling it to manage 2,400 passengers during peak hours, comprising 1,200 arrivals and 1,200 departures. Once operational, the existing terminal will be repurposed specifically for arrivals.

AAI’s consultants, Landrum and Brown, foresee that this expansion will empower the airport to meet the projected traffic demand of 2.0 million passengers per annum until the year 2037. In November 2023, AAI initiated the tender process for the civil construction contract, estimating the project cost at Rs. 265.04 crore, with a stipulated completion deadline of 2 years. The subsequent opening of technical bids in December 2023 revealed a total of 7 bidders vying for the civil construction contract.

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