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Land availability may support Pune metro extension to Nigdi

The extension of the Pune metro from the PCMC office to Nigdi is expected to proceed without significant delays, thanks to the available land for the project. The extension, valued at over Rs 900 crore, has recently received the final approval from the Union government. MahaMetro, the implementing authority, anticipates commencing the actual construction around February. To prepare for this, a preliminary survey has been initiated to identify station locations and the land needed for entry and exit points. The plan outlines the establishment of stations at Chinchwad, Akurdi, and Nigdi, particularly at Bhakti-Shakti chowk.

An official involved in the project explained, “The project is essentially an extension of the existing route and will not necessitate a significant land acquisition. The viaduct will be aligned with the median of the existing old Pune-Mumbai highway, covering a 4.4 km stretch with minimal deviations. The project is estimated to be completed in just over three years.”

He further added, “A viaduct has already been extended beyond the PCMC station, and there are plans to further extend it towards Chinchwad. The final execution plan, including minor details like the viaduct alignment at the flyovers in Nigdi chowk and Bhakti Shakti chowk, will be worked out soon.”

Officials have also indicated that discussions will be initiated with the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) to finalize station locations and address any land requirements. This collaborative approach is intended to prevent complications and ensure the project progresses smoothly.

The extension of the metro to Nigdi is expected to have a significant impact, benefiting industrial workers in the Chinchwad and Akurdi areas, as well as students commuting to educational institutions in Nigdi and Akurdi. This expansion will provide a more efficient and convenient mode of transportation for residents and workers in these regions.

While the extension is a positive development, some regular commuters have expressed their anticipation for the metro’s arrival in Nigdi. They believe that this extension should have been included as part of the initial phase, allowing passengers to enjoy the benefits of metro services sooner. Vishal Pokale, a Chinchwad resident, mentioned that commuters will need to wait for another three years to have access to metro services in Nigdi.

In conclusion, the Pune metro extension from the PCMC office to Nigdi is set to move forward smoothly due to the availability of land and the absence of major land acquisition requirements. The project has received the necessary approvals, and MahaMetro plans to commence construction in the near future. The extension is expected to significantly benefit residents, industrial workers, and students in the Chinchwad and Akurdi areas, providing them with improved transportation options. While the extension is a positive development, some commuters express the desire for a quicker implementation, wishing that it had been part of the initial metro phase.

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