Thursday, July 25, 2024

NHAI Completes Swift Repair of Damaged Trichy-Chennai NH Overbridge

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) successfully concluded the restoration of a damaged road overbridge (RoB) on the Trichy-Chennai national highway (NH) this Sunday.

Following comprehensive stability tests and trial runs, allowing test vehicles to navigate the revitalized bridge, NHAI is now poised to reopen the overbridge for vehicular traffic in the coming days. A critical section of the road overbridge along the Trichy-Chennai NH, designed to circumvent railway tracks near Ponmalai railway station, experienced a significant bulge in a supporting structure on January 12. Recognizing the structural vulnerability, NHAI promptly closed the bridge, diverting vehicular movement.

In response to inspections and recommendations by Professor P Alagusundaramoorthy, a structural engineering expert from IIT Madras, NHAI efficiently completed the repair work in approximately 50 days. The remedial measures included soil nailing, incorporating steel reinforcements at 430 locations on the overbridge to enhance stability and strength.

Additionally, gaps and cracks in the bridge underwent rectification through the grouting method. An official source stated, “We have submitted a detailed report on the repair works to the district administration. Once we ensure the structure’s stability, the bridge will be reopened.” Technical reinforcement was applied to some unaffected parts of the bridge as well. The structural engineering expert from IIT Madras inspected the completed repair works on Sunday.

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