Thursday, July 25, 2024

NHAI Greenlights INR 331 Crore Investment for Trichy Flyovers

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has sanctioned a budget of INR 331 crore for the development of multi-level elevated corridors in close proximity to the upcoming Integrated Bus Terminus (IBT) at Panjapur in Trichy city. This substantial investment aims to enhance the connectivity between southern districts, including Trichy and Chennai, via a new flyover on the Trichy-Madurai National Highway (NH). Additionally, approval has been granted for a shorter flyover on the Thanjavur-Karur Semi-ring Road, intersecting with the Trichy-Madurai NH at Panjapur. Notably, both flyovers are designed to efficiently manage vehicular movement on distinct levels simultaneously.

The strategic allocation of funds aligns with the comprehensive development plans for Panjapur initiated by Trichy Corporation, encompassing essential infrastructure such as a new bus terminus, truck terminal, Tidel Park, regional Olympic training academy, and a wholesale vegetable market. Emphasizing the significance of these flyovers, the NHAI Trichy Project Implementation Unit (PIU) aims to alleviate potential traffic bottlenecks in the region.

The flagship project involves the construction of a remarkable 3km long flyover on the Trichy-Madurai NH, marking it as the longest flyover on a highway passing through Trichy city. Positioned between the Koraiyar River bridge and Vinayaga Nagar in Panjapur, this four-lane elevated structure is poised to facilitate the seamless movement of vehicles traveling towards Madurai and Chennai, enabling them to circumvent the anticipated congestion around the new bus terminus and vegetable market.

Simultaneously, a separate 750-meter-long flyover has been sanctioned on the Thanjavur-Karur Semi-ring Road, strategically enhancing traffic flow between Jeeyapuram on Karur NH and Thuvakudi on Thanjavur NH. The intersection will witness the operation of the Trichy-Madurai NH flyover on the first level, while the shorter flyover will be constructed at a higher elevation.

In ensuring the success of this ambitious project, the NHAI has secured ample land from Trichy Corporation for the enhancement works. A senior NHAI official highlighted the commitment to prioritize the isolation of traffic on the Trichy-Madurai highway without causing disruptions to local traffic. Notably, the design of the flyovers incorporates the layout of the new bus terminus. The development plan also encompasses the creation of eight-lane carriageways for seamless access to the new bus terminus, along with the construction of two subways catering to pedestrian safety, facilitating secure crossings to the IBT and wholesale vegetable market.

This transformative project is poised to eliminate two identified black spots near Panjapur. A tender has been issued, and the NHAI aims to commence construction around April 2024, with a targeted completion deadline of 18 months, as confirmed by the NHAI official.

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