Thursday, July 25, 2024

Puri International Airport Construction Set to Commence Soon as Land Acquisition Nears Completion

The Sri Jagannath International Airport in Puri is making significant strides towards construction, with land acquisition anticipated to conclude within the next six months, according to a state government official. Spanning 1,164 acres, the international airport is estimated to cost approximately Rs 5,631 crore. Currently, 961 acres have been acquired, with ongoing efforts directed at securing the remaining 221.48 acres of private land in Sipasarubali and Sandhapur under the Brahmagiri tehsil.

The comprehensive land acquisition includes 68 acres of forest land, while rehabilitation and resettlement plans for affected locals are also in progress. The project gained momentum with the submission of the proposal, subsequent to the identification of suitable land and the completion of obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) surveys. A public hearing for the acquisition of private land has been successfully conducted.

The official overseeing the project expressed optimism about completing the land acquisition in the next six months. When questioned about the construction timeline, the official stated that they are awaiting a few more clearances before commencing construction, emphasizing that the process is expected to initiate soon.

Last year, the Ministry of Civil Aviation granted site clearance approval for the Puri International Airport project, marking a crucial milestone. The approval was secured precisely a year after the government submitted all necessary requisites to the ministry, aligning with the Greenfield Airports (GFA) Policy, 2008.

Puri International Airport, positioned to primarily serve the Puri region, was proposed to enhance connectivity and promote the cultural significance of Jagannath in the state of Odisha. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had formally requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to establish this international airport in 2021, and the matter has since been a focal point of discussions between the state government and the central authorities.

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