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Revolutionizing Construction: Affordable Bio-Bricks Set to Transform the Housing Industry

Building or buying a home is the biggest investment in an individual’s life, so when it comes to construction, people spend money carefully. Over time, rising costs and inflation have made the construction of buildings more expensive. Especially, the prices of cement and steel have been consistently increasing. However, in the coming days, the cost of home construction might decrease as a new type of brick is set to enter the market.

Bricks are a crucial component for erecting the walls of a house. The prices of bricks have also increased, much like cement and steel. However, in the near future, the market might see the introduction of a new kind of brick known as “bio-bricks.”

According to an HT report, the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) located in Roorkee has developed a technique for making affordable bricks for home and wall construction. The remarkable aspect of this technique is that it not only reduces the cost of building construction but also conserves energy resources and is environmentally friendly.

These bricks are named “bio-bricks.” Scientists at the CBRI claim that they have successfully developed eco-friendly bricks from the desert soil using self-healing technology, following numerous lab testings. Just as mining activities are affecting the availability of resources along riverbanks, the use of these bricks could reduce the demand for conventional bricks.

Bio-bricks do not require firing in a kiln, unlike the conventional brick-making process, which is both time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, using these bricks eliminates the need for plastering and reduces the overall weight compared to standard bricks.

While it may take some time for these affordable bricks to enter the market, the technology has been fully developed. This means that anyone, including brick kiln operators and entrepreneurs, can purchase this technology and start producing bio-bricks. As of now, several individuals have shown interest from Rajasthan, although nothing has been finalized. If all goes well, this technology will be transferred soon. However, it will take some time for these bricks to become available in the market.

The introduction of these new and affordable bricks not only reduces the cost of construction but also helps in reducing air pollution and conserving energy resources. While they are not yet available in the market, the technology has been fully developed, and efforts are underway to make it accessible in the coming days.

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