Monday, July 22, 2024

River Cities Alliance to Transform Cities Along River Banks in Uttar Pradesh

The River Cities Alliance (RCA), a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Jal Shakti (MoJS) and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), is set to revitalize cities along riverbanks in Uttar Pradesh. The planning for development work along the rivers has commenced, with the initial phase focusing on the cities of Ayodhya along the Gomti river, Kanpur along the Ganga river, and Moradabad along the Ramganga river. Further planning will extend to other cities, including Prayagraj.

Bithoor, situated on the banks of the Ganga in Kanpur, is undergoing development as part of the River Cities Alliance. The initiative aims to create an Urban River Management Plan for the development of Prayagraj and other cities along riverbanks. A workshop on water management with experts from the Netherlands provided insights into the formation of the RCA in the state.

Surendra Singh Parmar, executive engineer at Jal Nigam, highlighted that under the River Cities Alliance, the objectives include river cleaning, development of riverbanks, and the creation of riverfronts, along with other developments to enhance economic conditions. Development work has commenced along the Ganga-Yamuna banks as part of the alliance.

The plan includes the development of a green belt along the Ganga river, and professional agencies may be engaged to prepare an urban river management plan. Visible changes along the Ganga river in the city are expected during the Maha Kumbh.

During a two-day workshop on city water management, experts from the Netherlands emphasized the need to address water wastage in the city. Despite an abundance of water, large quantities are being wasted daily, posing a potential challenge for Prayagraj. The workshop revealed a lack of accurate data on daily water consumption, prompting the recognition of the importance of stopping water wastage to ensure a sustainable future for the city.

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