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Structural Peril at Signature View Apartments: RWA Urges Immediate Relocation Amidst Collapse Risks in Delhi

Expressing grave apprehensions about the structural integrity of Signature View Apartments in northwest Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar, the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) has called for urgent action to address the potential collapse of four blocks within the complex. A recent meeting with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) saw the RWA underscore the precarious situation, prompting concerns that immediate intervention is necessary.

Signature View Apartments, comprised of 336 Middle Income Group (MIG) and High Income Group (HIG) flats constructed between 2007 and 2009, has encountered ongoing construction issues. The DDA is reportedly contemplating the demolition of the building in light of these challenges.

Amrendra Kumar Rakesh, President of the RWA, stressed the urgency of the matter, referencing a report from IIT Delhi that specifically flagged blocks D, E, I, and L as being severely dilapidated, warranting immediate evacuation and dismantling.

In response to these alarming findings, the RWA has formally requested the DDA to facilitate the safe evacuation of residents and initiate rental payments for alternative accommodations. Rakesh emphasized the heightened risk faced by residents in blocks D and E, urging swift relocation. Notably, the majority of owners or allottees have reportedly consented to this proposal.

To expedite resolution, the RWA has suggested a compromise: if the DDA agrees to their demands, the association commits to refraining from legal action and withdrawing support for nine petitioners who have sought a Delhi High Court stay on DDA’s actions.

However, the DDA has maintained its position, offering rental assistance only if all 336 flats are vacated—a condition contested by the RWA. In a bid to find common ground, the RWA proposed reducing this requirement to 75% of the flats, hoping to encourage voluntary relocation by the remaining residents.

The situation is further complicated by ongoing legal proceedings. Nine residents have secured a stay order from the Delhi High Court, temporarily halting DDA’s actions. Currently, 100 flats in the complex are vacant, with consent received from around 210 owners for evacuation.

As of the latest update, the DDA has yet to respond to the RWA’s recent proposals.

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