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Telangana Government Announces Overhaul of Property Registration Charges Effective August 1

Telangana Government Plans Overhaul of Property Registration Fees Starting August 1
In a bid to align property registration charges with current market dynamics and enhance state revenue, the Telangana government has announced sweeping changes set to take effect from August 1. This decision follows recent adjustments to land market values aimed at rectifying discrepancies and bolstering economic growth.

Context and Decision-Making Process

Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy has instructed the Stamp and Registration Department to re-evaluate land market values due to significant disparities between assessed values and actual sale prices. Previous adjustments made in 2021 did not accurately reflect prevailing market conditions, impacting state revenue.

Implementation Strategy

  1. Launch: The Stamp and Registration Department will initiate groundwork from June 18, deploying additional Collectors and Revenue Divisional Officers (RDOs) to conduct comprehensive assessments.
  2. Phased Approach: Revised market values are expected to be finalized by July 1 through a phased analysis involving committees at Mandal and district levels. These values will be implemented starting August 1.
  3. Public Engagement: Proposed revised values will be published from July 1, inviting public feedback until July 20. Final values will be determined by July 31 ahead of their implementation.

Objectives of the Property Price Overhaul

The primary objectives include aligning market values with actual sale prices and stimulating growth in the real estate and construction sectors. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy emphasized the importance of a rigorous approach to ensure regulatory compliance and optimize state revenue.

Impact of the Property Price Revision

The revision will impact agricultural and non-agricultural properties across Telangana, aiming to create a fair economic environment and foster sustainable development. By updating registration charges to reflect current market conditions, the government seeks to encourage investment in real estate and support overall economic growth.

The impending revision of property registration charges represents a significant effort to ensure that market values accurately reflect economic realities. By realigning charges with current market conditions, the Telangana government aims to stimulate economic activity, promote sectoral growth, and enhance revenue for sustainable development across the state.

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