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Terra Pavilion: A Tranquil Haven in the Wilderness of Ahmedabad

Studio Sangath’s creation, Terra Pavilion, emerges as a tranquil retreat nestled forty kilometres outside Ahmedabad. Constructed as a sustainable haven amidst a meandering forest landscape, the stark structure of exposed concrete and glass embodies the vision of Sameer and Hemangini Sinha, owners of the farmhouse.

Terra Pavilion 2
The structure also houses a third level, a 120-square-foot space called the sky level, which can be accessed via the black floating spiral staircase.

Architectural Inspiration

Sameer draws inspiration from architectural luminaries like Tadao Ando, favoring clean, contemporary lines. As the founder of Savvy Group, renowned for sustainable construction, his discerning taste aligns with the minimalist ethos.

Hemangini’s Vision

Hemangini, transitioning from a tech career to sustainable farming, epitomizes the farmhouse’s ethos. Her venture, Khet se Plate, champions ethical farming, echoing the Sinhas’ desire for a home rooted in nature.

Terra Pavilion
The home is divided into two primary levels: the pavilion level, which spreads across 5,900 square feet and houses all the common areas, and the earth level, which spans 4,100 square feet and includes all the bedrooms. Ishita Sitwala

Collaborative Design

The fruition of Terra Pavilion after five years underscores the collaborative effort between the Sinhas and Studio Sangath. Khushnu Panthaki Hoof and Sönke Hoof meticulously crafted a multi-level structure, comprising a roof level, an outward-facing pavilion, and a private earth level.

Pavilion Elegance

The pavilion level captivates with its suspended roof, supported by slender columns and enveloped in sliding glass doors. Within, a harmonious blend of materials accentuates the expansive space, showcasing selected artworks curated over 15 years.

Terrapavilion by Sangath 77
Perched atop a gently sloping expanse that descends towards the golf course, the farmhouse harmonizes with the natural contours of the landscape. Architects Khushnu Panthaki Hoof and Sönke Hoof wanted to craft a sizable structure while also ensuring it didn’t dominate the natural surroundings Ishita Sitwala

Subterranean Serenity

Beneath the pavilion lies the earth level, housing private quarters adorned in a grounded aesthetic. Concrete elements, pigmented black, symbolize a connection to the earth’s depths, delineating public and private spaces.

Material Minimalism

The Sinhas’ preference for a minimalist aesthetic guided the material palette, eschewing ostentation for raw authenticity. Experimentation with pigmented concrete marked a departure for Studio Sangath, catalyzing innovation for future projects.

Terra Pavilion stands not only as a testament to architectural finesse but also as a sanctuary where sustainability, simplicity, and serenity converge.

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