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Transforming India’s Construction Landscape: fischer India’s BIM Services Pave the Way

In a resolute stride towards modernizing India’s construction industry, Mr. Mayank Kalra, the Managing Director of fischer India, envisions a revolutionary change powered by Building Information Modelling (BIM). As the nation gears up for a rocket-propelled surge in growth, fischer’s BIM services are poised to reshape the way buildings and infrastructure are planned, designed, constructed, operated, and maintained. With an array of benefits encompassing efficiency, precision, and adherence to timeframes and budgets, BIM offerings hold the key to India’s preparedness for the future.

fischer’s prominence as a manufacturer of pioneering fixings, facade systems, and installation solutions for building services has uniquely positioned the company to be a driving force in the digital transformation sweeping through the construction sector. Recognizing the profound impact of digitization, fischer is steadfast in its commitment to act as a competent and reliable partner in this transformative journey.

fischer’s BIM services comprise smart, digital twins of relevant products, system components and predefined elements. The range of services includes fischer fixing and system solutions as well as cast-in components (fischer anchor channels), facade substructures, installation systems and fire protection. fischer’s BIM offerings further comprise BIM engineering services and custom solutions to select, design and model fischer fixing and system solutions and create project-specific digital models and components optimised according to customer requirements. In doing so, information can be implemented in the building model, from the concept design to maximum detail modelling. Moreover, fischer’s BIM engineering services and tailored solutions stand poised to redefine the design and modelling of these solutions, optimized to align seamlessly with individual customer needs.

The tangible benefits of fischer’s BIM offerings come to life through their availability in the Autodesk Revit format, accessible for free download from fischer’s website, as well as platforms like BIM Object and MagiCloud. Designed as native Revit families, these objects offer the flexibility to be effortlessly customized, edited, and duplicated. fischer’s commitment to adaptability ensures these smart, digital twins to be tailored to specific project requirements, extending their value far beyond the initial model.

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fischer India’s BIM ready to transform India’s construction landscape

fischer India’s BIM ready to transform India’s construction landscape

fischer’s commitment to excellence extends from virtual design into the real-world construction environment. On-site support solutions, including ground-breaking BIM to Field support, utilize cutting-edge technology like Robotic Total Station (RTS) to transfer 3D models into precise on-site positioning. This level of accuracy mitigates errors, saves time, and ensures that construction adheres meticulously to the digital plan.

Beyond construction, fischer’s dedication to holistic support manifests through monitoring solutions that ensures correct installation and long-term structural integrity. With an eye on the entire lifecycle of a property, fischer is bridging the gap between fixing technology and intelligent measurement systems, creating a harmonious flow of information that benefits building operators and owners. 

In a landscape characterized by rapid transformation, fischer India emerges as a guiding light, leading India’s construction industry into an era of efficiency, precision, and digitization. Mr. Mayank Kalra’s vision, combined with fischer’s unwavering commitment, propels India towards a construction sector ready to embrace the future with open arms.

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