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Volvo CE Introduces Revolutionary EW240 Electric Material Handler with Continuous Operation, Eliminating Battery Recharging

Volvo CE has recently unveiled an innovative electric material handler, the EW240, which eliminates the need for battery recharging by relying on a continuous power supply through a permanent grid connection. This departure from conventional electric vehicle design addresses concerns related to battery weight, maintenance, and operational interruptions.

EW240 2
Volvo EW240 Electric Material Handler; via Volvo CE

The EW240 breaks away from traditional diesel-related consumables by eliminating components such as engine oil, filters, DEF injectors, and water separators. Notably, it goes a step further by completely forgoing the inclusion of a battery. Instead, the material handler is equipped with a wired plug that ensures continuous operation, making it particularly well-suited for indoor use and applications requiring repetitive sorting and recycling.

Operators can expect the same high levels of performance and control as conventional diesel equipment, but without the drawbacks of noise, fumes, and health hazards associated with diesel particulate emissions. Volvo emphasizes the sustainability aspect of the EW240, positioning it as an eco-friendly solution for waste and recycling operations. Thomas Nather, SAS Commercial Project Manager at Volvo CE, highlights the machine’s contribution to a circular economy by offering a near-silent, zero-emission electric solution, supporting customers in their journey towards sustainable practices and cost-effective operations.

EW240 3

The EW240 Electric Material Handler is the ideal hard-working sustainable solution for waste and recycling – an industry where circularity is in close focus. By providing near silent and zero emission electric solutions, we are supporting our customers need to work more sustainably and deliver on their transformation journey as well as lower the cost of their operations.

Thomas Nather, SAS Commercial Project Manager,Volvo CE

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