Monday, July 22, 2024

Yogi Government Unveils Vision for Bow String Steel Girder Railway Bridge in Ayodhya: Connectivity Boost in Six Months

In a bid to enhance the beauty of Ayodhyadham and revive the glory of Tretayugin, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath envisions the completion of a bow string steel girder railway bridge within the next six months. This ambitious project, aimed at improving rail connectivity in Ayodhya, has been given the green light on the Barabanki-Akbarpur rail route.

Uttar Pradesh Setu Nigam Limited has initiated the preparatory steps for the construction process, which will follow the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) basis. Prior to bridge construction, comprehensive procedures including surveys and technical investigations will be carried out under the supervision of renowned institutions such as IIT and NIIT.

A spokesperson for the government revealed that an extensive action plan has been devised for the integrated development of Ayodhya. The plan encompasses the completion of architectural and structural designs for the bow string steel girder railway overbridge. The entire process, from design to obtaining necessary approvals, execution of work, and property handover, will be conducted in a phased manner. The goal is to ensure the construction of the bow string steel girder railway bridge on LC No. 108A of the Barabanki-Akbarpur rail route. The project, utilizing the EPC module, is slated for completion in six months, adhering to a two-year evaluation period.

Key tasks such as surveying, geotechnical investigations, and designing of 2/4-lane components will be handled by IIT/NIT. Necessary approvals will also be secured from authorities. The contractors entrusted by Uttar Pradesh Setu Nirman Nigam will then take charge of foundation work, sub-structure development, superstructure construction, as well as finishing touches like coating, crash barrier installation, guardrail formation, and road signage installation.

The project emphasizes a swift completion with a focus on road safety parameters, including thermoplastics markings, blinking cat eyes, anti-carbonation painting, and view cutters. Once finalized, the bow string steel girder railway bridge is anticipated to enhance connectivity on the Barabanki-Akbarpur rail route, facilitating smoother rail traffic.

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