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6th Edition of The Real Woman Awards Recognizing Women Leaders of Construction Industry to be Hosted in New Delhi

The prestigious Real Woman Awards, a flagship initiative recognizing the remarkable achievements of women in the construction industry, is all set to host its 6th edition on January 20, 2024, in Delhi. This initiative, a brainchild of Sheetal Bhilkar and Vijay Dalwani, has been instrumental in recognizing and honoring the exceptional contributions of women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in various sectors of the construction industry.

Approximately 25 women, who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in fields such as architecture, interior design, landscape design, MEP consulting, green building consulting, and structural engineering, will be recognized. The awards also extend to innovative startups and other noteworthy contributions in the construction sector.

“The Real Woman Awards is not just a celebration, but a powerful platform to showcase the incredible achievements of women entrepreneurs in the construction industry, inspiring the next generation of female leaders to forge their own paths,” said Mr. Vijay Dalwani, Co-Founder, TRW Awards.

The Real Woman Awards have consistently been a platform for acknowledging the prowess of women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. It highlights the growing representation and impact of women in this sector, encouraging more females to explore and excel in these fields. Previous editions of the awards have been celebrated in different cities like Bangalore and Ahmedabad, each time recognizing the efforts and achievements of women in the construction industry.

Sheetal Bhilkar, Co-Founder, TRW Awards added, “We are incredibly proud to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of these women who have overcome gender barriers and made a significant impact in the construction industry. Their dedication and hard work will undoubtedly motivate more women to embrace entrepreneurship and contribute to the sector’s growth and development.”

This year’s gala event, in partnership with ISHRAE Shakti, promises to be a grand affair, graced by distinguished dignitaries from the construction industry. Among the notable attendees are Ms. Mili Majumdar, Managing Director, Green Building Certification Inc, Mr. Reza Kabul, a celebrated Architect of India, Mr. Mukesh Jaitley, COO, Kolte Patil Developers, Ms. Sonali Rastogi, Founder, Morphogenesis, and Ms. Rashi Rao, Miss India Earth 2016.

The 6th edition of the awards aims to not only honor these trail blazers but also to foster networking and promote collaboration among women entrepreneurs in the construction sector. The event is expected to highlight the awardees’ dedication and innovation in their respective fields.

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