Monday, July 22, 2024

PM Modi Unveils Major Infrastructure Boost: Inauguration of Key Projects in Kochi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is poised to inaugurate pivotal infrastructure projects during his upcoming visit to Kochi, bolstering India’s energy sector. Among these projects is the Indian Oil Corporation’s cutting-edge LPG Import Terminal at Puthuvypeen, Kochi, part of an infrastructure initiative exceeding ₹4,000 crore. The terminal, with an investment of about ₹1,236 crore, is strategically designed to ensure a consistent supply of LPG for both households and businesses in the region, emphasizing India’s commitment to accessible and affordable energy.

Commencing his itinerary in Andhra Pradesh, Modi will unveil the new campus of the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics (NACIN) in Palasamudram, Sri Sathya Sai District, on January 16. This event, scheduled for 3:30 PM, will feature an interactive session with Officer Trainees from the Indian Revenue Service and the Royal Civil Service of Bhutan.

On the subsequent day in Kerala, the Prime Minister’s schedule includes religious ceremonies at Guruvayur Temple and Thriprayar Shree Ramaswami Temple, followed by the inauguration of the aforementioned infrastructure projects at noon.

The flagship project, the LPG Import Terminal at Puthuvypeen, stands out with a storage capacity of 15,400 MT and a cost of ₹1,236 crore, marking a substantial stride towards ensuring affordable and accessible energy for India. Modi will also unveil two major projects in the maritime sector at Cochin Shipyard Limited – the New Dry Dock (NDD) and the International Ship Repair Facility (ISRF). The NDD, constructed with an investment of ₹1,800 crore, is a significant marine infrastructure designed for aircraft carriers and large commercial vessels. Simultaneously, the ISRF, costing around ₹970 crore, includes a 6000T capacity ship lift system, positioning Kochi as a global ship repair hub.

These infrastructure advancements are anticipated to significantly augment India’s shipbuilding and repair capacities, enhance energy infrastructure, promote EXIM Trade, reduce logistics costs, and stimulate economic growth. In line with the Prime Minister’s vision of fostering self-reliance and generating numerous domestic and international business opportunities, these projects represent a monumental step forward. Additionally, the inauguration of the new NACIN campus in Andhra Pradesh signifies a significant leap in civil service capacity building, aligning with Modi’s vision of elevating governance through advanced civil service training.

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