Monday, July 22, 2024

Action TESA & Almonds AI Launches TESA Connect

In a strategic collaboration that promises to reshape the landscape of the wood products industry, Action TESA and Almonds AI proudly announce the launch of TESA CONNECT – Super App. This groundbreaking initiative brings together the expertise of Action TESA, a renowned leader in engineered wood products, and the innovative tech powered channel engagement capabilities of Almonds Ai, marking a significant milestone in the sector.

TESA CONNECT is a comprehensive and feature-rich ecosystem tailored exclusively for channel partners and influencers. This game-changing platform offers a one-stop solution for a wide range of utilities and empowering channel partners across the nation. Powered by Almonds AI’s Channleverse ecosystem, TESA CONNECT offers a suite of capabilities to streamline influencer engagement and payouts while also providing Action TESA with enhanced analytics.

With Action TESA’s extensive industry knowledge and Almonds AI’s cutting-edge technology, the app aims to accelerate influencer-led growth by taking channel partner engagements beyond traditional offline activities and engagements. Key highlights of the business impact include Enhanced Productivity and Market Access. Additionally, influencers and channel partners can leverage the platform’s marketing tools to expand their reach and foster collaboration and the impact of their efforts.

Mr. Ajay Aggarwal & Mr. Vivek Jain, Managing Directors, Action TESA jointly said, “We are thrilled by launching TESA CONNECT as it marks a new chapter in our influencer engagement strategy. Almonds AI proved the perfect partner for bringing this innovative platform to life thanks to their unparalleled expertise in enabling brands to harness the power of channel partners”.

“It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Action TESA to create an experience that adds tremendous value to their influencer and channel partner network. TESA CONNECT underscores the immense possibilities that next-gen loyalty and engagement solutions unlock for B2B brands looking to expand their distribution and revenues” commented Mr. Abhinav Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, Almonds AI.

Action TESA CONNECT opens up exciting avenues for brand exposure and marketing partnerships. As the platform aims to onboard 1,00,000 channel partners and influencers, businesses can tap into a vast and engaged audience. 

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