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Ambur Set to Transform into a Smart Metropolitan and Real Estate Hub with Major Infrastructural Developments

Ambur, a bustling town in the Tirupathur district of Tamil Nadu, is poised for significant societal and infrastructural advancements, promising exponential benefits for its current and future residents. Renowned for its thriving leather industry, which caters to both domestic and international markets, Ambur is now on the cusp of a transformation that will elevate it to the status of a smart metropolitan city.

A view of Ambur town in Tirupattur district

The leather industries in Ambur, along with neighboring regions such as Vellore and Vaniyambadi, currently employ over 3.5 lakh people, with expectations of further growth as the town undergoes proposed developments. Here are some key initiatives set to propel Ambur into a future smart city:

1. Elevated Corridor on NH 44:

An ambitious project with an estimated cost of Rs. 135 crore, the elevated corridor on National Highway 44 aims to create a 1450-meter-long and 11-meter-wide corridor between the Rajiv Gandhi statue and the ORR theatre. Additionally, 8-meter-wide service roads will be constructed to facilitate smooth traffic flow and alleviate congestion.

2. Proposed Airport:

Ambur is set to have its own airport at Abdullapuram, spanning 97 acres. The proposed airport will feature an 850-meter-long runway, taxiway, ground handling equipment, air traffic control (ATC), aviation information receiving facility, terminal building, and oil depot. This development is expected to benefit nearby localities such as Ambur, Arcot, Vaniyambadi, and Vellore.

3. Mega Footwear Manufacturing Park:

The government has announced a colossal 250-acre mega footwear manufacturing park, valued at Rs. 400 crore, to be established at Panapakkam in Ranipet. This project is anticipated to generate 20,000 jobs, with a particular focus on empowering women. It is also poised to elevate the districts overall export levels to a global standard.

These transformative projects are expected to trigger a cascade of infrastructural and societal developments within Ambur. Among the sectors poised for significant growth is real estate, as the town prepares for an influx of new residents. Large parcels of land are already being acquired by real estate developers, who are gearing up for extensive residential and commercial projects.

A recent study conducted by a reputable organization indicates that Tier-II and III cities, including Ambur, Mahabalipuram, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Mysuru, have garnered the attention of real estate developers. The focus is on setting up numerous plotted residential projects to accommodate the anticipated influx of newcomers. Experts suggest that investing in industries like real estate in Ambur will yield substantial returns and profits, marking a promising era for the towns economic and urban development.

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