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Andhra Pradesh Government Plans to Complete 8 Lakh Houses by March 2025

In a significant move to address housing needs for the economically disadvantaged, the Andhra Pradesh government has set an ambitious target to finish constructing 8 lakh houses by March 2025. Housing Minister K. Pardha Saradhi outlined the plan, highlighting a focused and methodical approach to achieve this goal. This initiative is part of the larger Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme, aimed at providing affordable housing for all by 2022.

To reach this target, the government aims to complete 1.28 lakh houses within the next 100 days. Minister Saradhi revealed an action plan that includes allocating Rs. 2,520 crore for the construction over the upcoming three months. He emphasized the government’s dedication to supporting beneficiaries in expediting the building process.

“We have devised a roadmap to systematically complete all ongoing housing projects. We will provide comprehensive support to all beneficiaries to ensure timely completion,” said Mr. Saradhi, underscoring the government’s proactive stance.

A key aspect of the strategy involves addressing infrastructure challenges in housing colonies. Previous administrations were criticized for neglecting infrastructure, leaving many projects unfinished or without essential amenities. Mr. Saradhi assured that the current administration is committed to addressing these issues.

“We will tackle the infrastructure problems in housing colonies in a phased manner through field visits. We plan to use fly ash from VTPS, NTPC, Nellore, and RTTPS power plants for road construction and leveling low-lying areas. The government will cover the transportation costs of fly ash to these colonies,” he stated.

This approach is expected to enhance living conditions in the housing colonies and promote environmental sustainability by utilizing industrial by-products.

To further accelerate the housing initiative, the government has decided to allow stage conversion for approximately 6 lakh housing units that have not yet begun construction. This decision aims to help beneficiaries start building soon, providing a significant boost to the overall project.

Saradhi highlighted the importance of this initiative, noting that Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu is particularly focused on providing housing for the poor. “We will complete 1.28 lakh houses in 100 days and aim to complete another 8 lakh houses by March 2025,” he reiterated.

To ensure timely completion, the minister announced monthly reviews of project progress with district general managers. Additional staff will be deployed in the colonies, and local village and ward secretariats will be involved in closely monitoring the progress.

Mr. Saradhi also emphasized the need for collaboration with local authorities and community engagement to ensure the project’s success. Special Chief Secretary Ajey Jain, Housing Special Secretary Mydeen Diwan, Housing Corporation Managing Director Lakshmi Shah, and all district managers attended the announcement, reflecting the high level of coordination and commitment to the initiative.

This extensive housing project not only demonstrates the government’s dedication to improving living conditions for the poor but also supports broader goals of urban development and sustainable growth in Andhra Pradesh. As construction progresses, the proactive measures and community involvement are expected to play crucial roles in achieving this significant task.

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