Friday, July 12, 2024

Mangaluru Civic Body Plans Innovative 3D Digital Twin Drone Survey

The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) is preparing to embark on a pioneering 3D digital twin drone survey across its urban landscape. Scheduled to appoint a consultant soon, the MCC aims to build an extensive databank that will serve multiple city departments, including revenue, engineering, health, and town planning. This initiative seeks to leverage a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based decision support system (DSS) to enhance civic amenities, streamline administration, and potentially increase municipal revenue.

Premanand Shetty, the MCC council’s chief whip, highlighted that implementing GIS-based DSS will significantly improve transparency and efficiency in municipal operations. The primary goal is to create a comprehensive 3D base map of Mangaluru and its environs, facilitating better inter-departmental coordination and bolstering disaster management capabilities.

Furthermore, the project encompasses the development of a web-based application featuring a 3D reality mesh model. This tool will support functions such as property tax assessment, flood monitoring, and land use management. The survey will utilize advanced technologies like Lidar and 360-degree panoramic imaging through a mobile mapping system. Notably, a preliminary drone survey conducted in 2022 covered 16 wards under the auspices of the Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL).

Mayor Sudheer Shetty Kannur emphasized that the forthcoming survey promises to offer a comprehensive, detailed 3D portrayal of Mangaluru, empowering informed decision-making and urban planning. The MCC currently awaits detailed discussions and reports from the finance committee, with plans to finalize and approve the project in an upcoming council meeting.

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