Monday, July 22, 2024

Chennai Metro Launches Longest ‘U Girder’ on OMR for Phase II

Chennai Metro Rail achieved a significant milestone in its Phase II project by unveiling a 30-meter-long ‘U girder’ using a state-of-the-art puller axle system at a construction site in the IT corridor. The ongoing phase II project spans the IT corridor from Madhavaram to SIPCOT in Siruseri via Sholinganallur, with the stretch from Madhavaram to Taramani designated as an underground section. Beyond Taramani, the corridor transitions to an elevated structure leading up to SIPCOT.

The construction of the elevated stretch between Taramani and SIPCOT has been underway for several months, and the latest development involves the installation of the longest ‘U girder’ so far, measuring 30 meters. This precast structure, essential for viaduct construction, was placed along OMR using an advanced puller axle system. The launch took place at a height of 20 meters between Okkiyampet and Karapakkam in OMR, showcasing the project’s progress.

The ‘U girder’ installation involved a specially designed puller axle system, a fabricated trailer with 12 axles, each equipped with 8 tires, totaling 96 tires. The stretch from Nehru Nagar to Sholinganallur, where the ‘U girder’ was placed, is under construction by Larson & Toubro (L&T). Described as a historic milestone in Indian metro construction, this accomplishment highlights the expertise and capabilities of the CMRL and L&T project team, according to a press release.

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