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Demolition Commences for 5 Towers at Gurugram’s Chintels Paradiso Housing Complex

The process of demolishing 5 towers at the Chintels Paradiso housing complex in Gurugram has commenced, managed by Edifice Engineering, the firm known for demolishing the Supertech twin towers in Noida through controlled explosion in August 2022, as reported by sources familiar with the matter.

Representatives of the company stated that all five towers – D, E, F, G, and H – will undergo demolition using mechanical techniques.

With the demolition underway, flat owners have urged the deputy commissioner to instruct the builder to provide rent support for alternative accommodation to residents who have opted for reconstruction at the same site.

In February 2022, a tragic incident occurred when a section of tower D collapsed, resulting in the loss of two lives. Subsequent safety audits conducted by IIT Delhi deemed towers D, E, F, G, and H unsafe for habitation, recommending their demolition.

Mayur Mehta from Edifice Engineering confirmed the commencement of demolition activities at Chintels Paradiso. “The demolition process has begun this week. Unlike controlled implosion, we are employing manual and mechanical methods. Currently, we have deployed a workforce of 50 individuals, and this number may increase as needed. Additional machinery will be utilized as the project progresses,” Mehta stated.

The demolition timeline is estimated at eight months, subject to various factors like daily work schedules and available space for heavy machinery movement.

After several consultations, Edifice Engineering proposed mechanical and manual demolition techniques, considering the proximity of other residential buildings and the presence of residents in the remaining towers within the complex.

The chosen technique aligns with the height of the towers, ranging between 15 and 18 storeys, making mechanical demolition a suitable option.

Meanwhile, the affected towers have been vacated, but approximately 225 families continue to reside in towers A, B, C, and J.

Homebuyers insist on rent support in line with the Supreme Court’s directive, which stated that the builder must provide suitable rent to affected buyers during the reconstruction period. Rakesh Hooda, president of RWA Chintels Paradiso, emphasized the need for the developer to adhere to this ruling and urged the deputy commissioner to intervene and determine a reasonable rent rate.

The deputy commissioner has assured residents of full cooperation regarding this matter. However, there has been no response from Chintels India, the developer, regarding these developments.

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