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Dormer Pramet Unveils New Product Line that Focusses on Enhanced Operational Versatility and Reliability

Dormer Pramet, a prominent name in metal cutting tools and a part of the Sandvik Group, announces the launch of its latest products for 2024, designed to revolutionize and simplify tool choice, setup, and optimization in manufacturing processes. The emphasis on operational versatility, plug & play design, and easy usability for the new range underscores Dormer Pramet’s commitment to simplifying machining operations.

Newly launched products include the Dormer R003 and R023 – versatile solid carbide jobber and stub drills providing low cost per hole, low thrust force, and consistent tool life for a wide range of applications. These drills, designed for general-purpose applications, excel in other common workpiece materials such as carbon steels. The drills feature a specifically designed split point for self-centering, a Titanium Nitride (TiN) tip coating only on the cutting zone, that offer a high level of cost efficiency and also ensure extended and consistent tool life. The CTW grinding technology enables multiple regrinds without losing chip evacuation performance by providing a continuously thinned web along the entire flute length. The combination of the flute geometry and 120°-point angle make the drills a versatile choice for broader application on both CNC and conventional machines. The R003 jobber drills for general purpose usage are available in metric range from 1mm up to 14mm, and imperial range N60 – ½ inch, while the R023 stub drills with a shorter length of flute and increased rigidity are offered in metric range from 1mm up to 12mm.

In addition to this, Dormer Pramet also introduces its range of highly productive multi-application Dormer E397 and E398 taps for process security and consistent performance in large batch production. Two styles, spiral point and spiral flute, cover through- and blind-hole tapping for a broad range of steel manufacturing industries such as automotive, medical, general engineering, fasteners, and others. The new taps design supports tapping into depth up to 2,5 times diameter and excels in mild steels, but also provides reliable performance in a range of other materials including stronger steels, stainless steels, cast irons, and stronger non-ferrous alloys. All taps are made of a unique Powder Metallurgy High-Speed Steel substrate (HSS-E-PM) providing both toughness and edge strength to allow high cutting speeds without sacrificing tool flexibility. In addition, top TiCN coating permits high cutting speeds allowing for reduced cycle times, and has a low coefficient of friction, which protects against adhesion and cold welding. Nearly 90 items for each of the two styles are available, including DIN, DIN/ANSI and newly also JIS standards.

The company also introduced the SSO12 milling family which is a versatile high feed milling concept suitable for the Die and Mold industry and general machining. The positive design of milling cutters and inserts ensures high productivity, low vibrations, reduced noise and a high degree of power efficiency. The new HFC cutters provide high metal removal rate through a particularly fast feed rate per tooth, evacuating chips upwards in a controlled direction, and offering long durability of cutting edge as well as energy savings. The range consists of three types of cutter bodies, both inch and metric, and a simple offer of geometries and grades.

And lastly, the T8415 PVD turning grade is Dormer Pramet’s high-performance solution for turning a wide range of steel and ISO materials. Offering a unique combination of toughness and wear resistance, T8415 allow users a broad range of application while extending tool life. It performs well with coolant on stainless steel and Heat Resistance Super Alloys (HRSA) and allows applications in hardened steels.

The new generation of the grade has a multi-layered PVD coating ensures predictable performance over a broad range of workpieces. T8415 features specific layers for improved security, reduced friction, long tool life and a high degree of wear. Intended for finish to medium turning applications, the grade performs optimally at medium cutting speeds, and light to medium feed rates. The use of coolant in specified applications contributes to long tool life. T8415 is available in a range of shapes and sizes, with positive and negative chip breaker geometries.

In line with Dormer Pramet’s commitment to simplifying choices, reducing tooling inventory, and enhancing performance, these new products mark a significant leap in manufacturing efficiency.

Amit Raina
Mr Amit Raina, Country Manager, India

Mr Amit Raina, Country Manager, India said, “We are thrilled to launch these cutting-edge solutions that embody Dormer Pramet’s dedication to operational simplicity and efficiency. Our new products are designed to empower manufacturers, offering versatility, durability, and performance across various applications. This aligns with our brand promise to simplify machining processes and drive success for our customers.”

Dormer Pramet’s commitment to innovation and customer success is reflected in these new offerings, promising a brighter, more efficient future for the manufacturing industry.

About the company:

Dormer Pramet is a global manufacturer and supplier of tools for the metal cutting industry. It is a part of the Sandvik Group, the world’s number-one market leader in the cemented carbide tool industry. Dormer Pramet’s comprehensive product program encompasses both rotary and indexable drilling, milling, threading and turning tools for use in a wide variety of production environments. An extensive sales and technical support service operates from 20 offices, serving more than 100 markets worldwide. These are assisted by dedicated production facilities in Europe, Americas and Asia, along with a highly developed distribution and logistics network.

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