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Eastern Railway Takes Bold Step Towards Sustainable Future with 2 MW Rooftop Solar Project

The Eastern Railway has taken a substantial stride towards embracing renewable energy by issuing a tender for a 2 MW rooftop solar project. This initiative, integral to the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, signifies a heightened commitment to environmental sustainability within the Indian Railways.

The endeavor encompasses the installation of 40 solar photovoltaic modules, each boasting a 50 kWp capacity. The objective is to bolster the renewable energy capacity of the Sealdah Division. The execution will be carried out under the developer mode, facilitated by a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to ensure a dependable energy supply to the division.

Initiated on November 24, 2023, the tender process is open for participation until December 26, 2023, providing a substantial timeframe for potential bidders. Interested parties can submit their bids at the office of the Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer (DEE), Sealdah.

The Eastern Railway has set a 12-month deadline from the appointed date for the project’s completion, underscoring the urgency and significance placed on integrating renewable energy sources into its operations.

“This endeavor marks a pivotal stride in the Indian Railways’ journey towards a more sustainable future. Embracing solar energy not only diminishes the railways’ carbon footprint but also establishes a noteworthy benchmark for sustainable practices in the transportation sector. The involvement of private entities through the PPP model is anticipated to bring in expertise and efficiency, amplifying the project’s impact,” expressed an expert.

He added that this project underscores the railway’s unwavering dedication to advancing renewable energy and its pivotal role in contributing to India’s broader environmental objectives.

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