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Elevate Your Spaces with Safety and Style: Introducing Orientbell Tiles’ Inspire Safegrip Collection

Orientbell Tiles proudly introduces its latest innovation, the Inspire Safegrip Collection. Crafted with precision and elegance, this collection embodies the perfect fusion of safety and style for your living spaces.

Meticulously designed and engineered with precision, the Inspire Safegrip Collection features GVT Anti-Skid tiles in a convenient 600×600 mm size. But these tiles aren’t just functional; they elevate your living spaces with a luxurious matte finish that not only feels velvety to the touch but also resists stains, ensuring a timeless elegance

Traditionally, anti-skid tiles feel rough and are prone to staining as dirt accumulates. However, as this collection boasts a smoother surface, it remains clean and pristine, even with regular use. In fact, its surface has been certified by external laboratory tests as R11, making it one of the most slip-resistant surfaces even in wet conditions.

Consumers are increasingly using larger-sized tiles of 600x1200mm or more on bathroom walls. However, their options for flooring have been relatively constrained. At 600x600mm, the Inspire Safegrip Collection is rightly sized to be combined with such large tiles on the wall. It also offers a palette of 4 colors that can be effortlessly combined with the most popular wall tile colors, providing endless design possibilities.

DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey DK AMB

The anti-skid tiles in this collection boast surfaces that outshine most tiles in the market in terms of smoothness. This ensures a tactile experience that strikes the perfect balance between security and sheer pleasure. Moreover, our thoughtfully curated palette of light and dark color combinations offers remarkable versatility, allowing these tiles to seamlessly blend in with any design aesthetic you envision.

For those seeking a rustic aesthetic, the collection also presents a selection of earthy tones – Rustic Brown, Rustic Creama, Rustic Grey Dark, and Rustic Grey Light. Whether adorning your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor deck, these tiles transform your spaces into havens of both security and sophistication.

DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Brown AMB2
About Orientbell Tiles:

Orientbell Tiles ( has been one of India’s leading tile manufacturers for the past 45 years, since its inception in 1977. As a brand, it has evolved to cater to the demands of the 21st century, with innovation and sustainability at the core of its mission. From cutting-edge products like Anti-viral Tiles, Anti-Static Tiles, Germ-free Tiles, and Cool Tiles, to digital service offerings such as Trialook, Quicklook, and OBL Connect that simplify the tile-buying process, Orientbell continues to push boundaries. Our three state-of-the-art factories are located in Sikanderabad (Noida, UP), Dora (Near Baroda, Guj), and Hoskote (Near Bengaluru, Ktk) to service key markets. Our products are distributed through a network of over 2,000 channel partners and 285+ Orientbell Tile boutiques across the country.

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