Thursday, July 25, 2024

Promoters must register the projects as per sanctioned maps: UP-RERA

Uttar Pradesh real estate regulatory authority (UP-RERA) has clarified that the promoters need to register their projects with the same name as recorded in the sanctioned map and the names of towers and blocks must also be the same as in the sanctioned map.

RERA was finding difficult to ascertain the completion status of the projects as also to decide the promoter’s application for closure of the project accounts because of the difference between the name of the projects and the towers registered with it and the names in the O.C. or C.C.

It was also observed that promoters were using project brand names which were different from the names registered with RERA and this was creating doubts amongst the existing and prospective home buyers.

Sometimes the development authorities are sanctioning the map in the name of an entity different from the land owner of the project land whereas as per the provisions of the RERA Act, the promoter is required to have title over the project land and the map can only be in the name of the land owner.

UP-RERA has clarified that the development authorities must sanction the maps in the name of the land owners and they should give the same particulars of the projects and the towers or blocks as written in the sanctioned map in the application for registration of project with RERA.

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