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Government Panel Urges Resumption of Construction on Noida Sports City After Layout Revisions

The Noida Sports City project in Sector 150, Uttar Pradesh, is poised to resume construction after a two-year hiatus. The Public Accounts Committee of the UP assembly has urged the Noida Authority to prioritize the evaluation of a revised layout submitted by the developer, Lotus Greens. The approval of this revised plan is crucial for the resumption of construction on the project, which has seen investments from 10,000 homebuyers.

The construction work was halted in 2021 following objections raised by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) about the initial layout. The CAG specifically highlighted the absence of 70% contiguous land for sports facilities development. In response, the Noida Authority CEO reported to the assembly panel that Lotus Greens had addressed this concern in the revised plan.

During a meeting in Lucknow on November 22, the committee members urged the Noida Authority to expedite the approval process if Lotus Greens adhered to all the necessary norms. A representative of the CAG mentioned that there would be no objection if the revised report met international specifications.

The Noida Authority informed the panel that it was currently evaluating the revised layout and would present it to the board for discussion. Once the board grants its approval, the revised plan will be forwarded to the state government for final approval.

Lotus Greens, allocated 330 acres in Sector 150 in 2014-15, divided the land into 24 parts and assigned them to other companies for housing projects. The controversy arose when CAG raised objections in 2021, questioning the allocation and subdivision of land. The project was halted, and subsequent high-level meetings were conducted to address the issues.

In August of the same year, the committee suggested allowing construction to resume wherever sufficient land was available. Lotus Greens responded with a revised layout, emphasizing the allocation of 70% contiguous land for sports facilities. The committee chairperson, Mahboob Ali, expressed the committee’s satisfaction with the revised report, emphasizing the need to meet international standards in the Sports City project.

Despite the positive developments, the report indicates that similar projects in four other locations in Noida are facing legal challenges and land-related issues.

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