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Gujarat’s Visionary Mega Projects: Paving the Way for Progress and Sustainability

Gujarat’s advancement is propelled by ambitious mega projects such as the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train, the Dholera Solar Park, and the Hybrid Renewable Energy Park in Kutch, embodying the state’s forward-looking vision. Officials anticipate a further boost through the upcoming 10th Gujarat Vibrant Global Summit, scheduled from January 10 to 12, aimed at attracting development projects and investments.

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train, a high-speed rail initiative covering 508 km and costing Rs 2 lakh crore, is set to be completed by August 2026. It aims to reduce travel time between Mumbai and Ahmedabad to just two hours and seven minutes, a significant improvement from the current five-hour journey. State government spokesperson Rushikesh Patel highlighted this as a dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, emphasizing India’s capability to join the league of countries with high-speed rail infrastructure.

The Dholera Solar Park, situated 80 km from Ahmedabad, stands as India’s largest solar project, boasting a capacity of 5,000 MW. Spanning 11,000 hectares within the Dholera Special Investment Region, the park utilizes cutting-edge solar photovoltaic module technology across 11 blocks, showcasing a comprehensive approach to renewable energy.

The Sabarmati high-speed rail station is undergoing transformation into a multimodal transport hub, strategically positioned near the Sabarmati stations, Metro, and BRTS stops. This project by the National High-Speed Rail Corporation aims to seamlessly connect high-speed rail with Indian Railways, representing Gujarat’s commitment to modern and sustainable infrastructure.

Another significant initiative is the Gujarat Hybrid Renewable Energy Park, set to revolutionize India’s energy landscape with a massive investment of Rs 1.5 lakh crore. Located near the India-Pakistan border in Kutch district, the project integrates solar panels and wind turbines to generate 30 Gigawatts of sustainable power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the direct benefits for the youth of Kutch from this transformative renewable energy project.

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